1. Parties and Scope

The following General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") govern the relationship between you, our customer (hereinafter referred to as "You"), and Viselio AG ("Etraveldocs"), Luisenstrasse 5, 3005 Bern, CHE-256.442.960 (hereinafter referred to as "Viselio"), regarding the provision of services by Viselio.
Viselio's services are designed to assist you in obtaining invitations, visas and other travel documents. We provide information about documents and forms that you generally need in order to apply for a visa, and make it available in part. We act on your behalf as a service provider and messenger. The traveller is responsible for the actual visa application (or other travel documents) and the conditions and rules of the respective destination country that you hereby accept. Viselio can not be held liable for services of third parties (consulates, agencies).
Our IT-System allows you to check your order before placing it to correct any errors. After you have paid for your order, we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail. The contractual relationship between us will only be concluded if we have sent you this order confirmation by e-mail.
These conditions apply to all offers and any agreements between you and Viselio, or on behalf of Viselio services provided, but are not limited to the processing of visas, passports and/or documents that we provide for you or represent for you. Some conditions may refer to an issuing authority that, as a message, consulate, or other service, will issue or provide the documents that you have requested.

2. Procedure

Viselio strives to provide you with accurate information and to ensure that you receive the required documents as quickly as possible. However, please bear in mind that all visa procurement requirements (papers, fees, time-frames, etc.) are calculated on the basis of general criteria and, depending on the information you provide, such as current or prior nationality, domicile, gender, age, occupation, recent journeys, beliefs etc., can change. Also bear in mind that the issuing authority may change general country requirements without notice or require additional specific information from you. Viselio endeavours to inform you about such changes as soon as possible.

3. Issuance of Travel Documents

Viselio will only provide the travel document (or travel documents) which you have specified in your application; we do not take any responsibility for any other documents that are required for your trip that have not been requested or which are related to stopovers during your trip.
By purchasing a service on Viselio's online platforms, you accept these terms. After choosing a payment method and confirmation of purchase, we will issue all documents according to your information, or transmit them to our partners for issuance; no control of data by Viselio takes place. You are solely responsible for the correctness of your collected data. If the information in the application is incorrect or not complete, there is no right to correct or re-issue the documents. Viselio reserves the right to refuse any application at any time at its sole discretion without giving any reason.

4. Visa Procurement

As soon as Viselio sends you the requested documents by e-mail, it is important that you check them; if you notice any discrepancies in your documents, you must inform Viselio directly and immediately by e-mail.
The issuance of a visa lies exclusively in the decision of the issuing authority, and the immigration officials of each country have the final say on the decision to give someone entry to the appropriate country or region - even if all the requirements set have been met. Viselio does not guarantee that the issuing authority will grant the visa in a timely manner and within the specified period; payment of Viselio's processing fee will be due even if no visa has been granted by the destination country. Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased or booked until all visas have been obtained.

5. Delivery

Viselio provides all requested travel documents as a downloadable file; in addition, Viselio sends the travel documents as an e-mail attachment to the e-mail address specified when ordering.

6. Fees

The fees for Viselio services are the same as those indicated on the website, including any indirect taxes. All Viselio's services are exclusively subject to Swiss VAT (also for export).
Once Viselio has started the application process for you (confirmation e-mail), the Viselio service fees are non-refundable and the application process can no longer be interrupted or cancelled.

7. Disclaimers

Viselio provides visa and passport information in good faith with the express understanding that this information constitutes the interpretation of all data provided by embassies, consulates, or authorities at any time, and Viselio is responsible or liable for any errors and/or omissions in respect of such information.
The customer is, in any case, responsible for entry into the destination country of all necessary travel documents. Please note that even if a visa is issued, a traveller may be refused entry, as, in each country, the local immigration officials have the final word regarding entry. Viselio recommends all travellers to acquire a visa before departure and not to seek a visa upon arrival.

8. Limitation of Liability

Viselio accepts no liability for travellers who choose to apply for a visa upon arrival. In the highest possible extent permitted by law, Viselio excludes any liability or limits you for any direct or indirect damages or consequential damages, as well as any legal or implied terms and conditions and warranties, including and without limitation with regard to loss of profit, travel costs, or any damages arising from the use of information provided by the website. Subject to the other provisions of this clause, for non-consumers our maximum liability for damages incurred, whether resulting from breach of contract, tort or otherwise, shall be the amount of Viselio’s service fee paid by you; for consumers, the losses and damages for which Viselio is directly responsible and which can be ascribed entirely to the faulty service provided by Viselio cannot exceed CHF 250.
Nothing in this agreement excludes or limits our liability in the following: (a) negligence with death or negligently caused personal injury; (b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) any other matter in which the exclusion of our liability or the attempt to do so by us would be illegal.

9. Period of Entitlement

Upon completion of the work by Viselio, you will have one month from the date the travel document is delivered (or, if not sent, from the date of the order) to inform Viselio of any claims you wish to assert regarding Viselio's services. As soon as the corresponding period has elapsed, any rights to rectification or compensation expire.

10. General Information

These Terms and each document expressly stated herein constitute the entire agreement between us and supersede all prior discussions, communications, negotiations, prior understandings, current understandings, or agreements between us as to the subject matter of each contract. If individual provisions of these conditions do not conform to a law, the relevant provision must be interpreted in the necessary measure in such a way as to achieve the greatest possible effect. If no effect can be given to the provision, it must be treated as separable from the remaining conditions. Insofar as Viselio is not in a position to comply with a contractual obligation on the basis of circumstances, facts or events outside its reasonable sphere of influence ("Force Majeure"), Viselio shall be released from such obligations to the extent of such prevention, restriction or disturbance. Viselio is entitled to grant all or part of its obligations to subcontractors or to assign all or part of its rights under this agreement. This agreement does not create enforceable rights for persons who are not parties to the agreement, with the exception of a lawful successor or a creditor.
Viselio acts in any case as an intermediate trader, between a local partner and the traveller.
Swiss law applies to all disputes arising out of this agreement; the place of jurisdiction is Bern (Switzerland).

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